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Your dreams when you plan your trip can turn into disappointment when you meet that place. Those who like to travel, especially the reason why some places are highly appreciated and visited, are connected to its popularity and the fact that it is a kind of tourist attraction…. the compliments you read about are only exaggerated, but only when you go there and see them with your own eyes. As people like you grow, that place loses its popularity after a while. The Disney World, Universal Studios, Golden Gate Bridge, Pisa Tower, Big Ben clock tower, Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Pamukkale travertines, Egypt, Mayan-Aztec pyramids, Nemrut Mount, Fuji Mount, Mount Everest summit, TAC Mahal, Coliseum, Cuba, Tibet, Singapore, Alexandria, There are so many places that are known to have unique features in terms of cultural epic and/or natural life.; they continue to be a tourist attraction center every year, and they actually deserve it… so we compiled some popular routes for you when you go into the summer 2017, which we think travelers who are “more selective” should see, even when they are not in the most crowded times.

Yosemite National Park ( California, ABD )

It is famous for its wildlife and granite rock formations. It’s the kind of place you’d like to go for a safari tour. In Northern California, the park is spread over 700,000 acres and has 13 camp sites.

Angel Waterfall ( Canamia National Park, Venezuelan )

The highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world at a height of 979 meters. The fall was inspired by a Disney animated up movie.

Ha Long ( Quang Ninh State, Vietnamese )

Ha Long Bay consists of hundreds of Kalker islands with thick forest vegetation. In this virgin environment, there is accommodation for tourists.


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