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The largest Belize beach in the middle of the ocean is 100 km away The Blue Hole is the world’s largest precipice of collapse; its width is 300 meters., depth 125 meters. In 1971, when there was only a natural miracle known to fishermen, Captain Cousteau took his name.

The French documentary and marine biologist Jacques Cousteau and his team were the first to discover his depth. On the “calypso” ship, the crew came to the area where the Blue Hole, which took place thousands of years ago, was a cave system., he found that he was underwater with the rise of ocean level. He didn’t forget to define the Blue Hole as one of the top 10 diving points in the world.

Cousteau Meanwhile, the Blue Hole is the most attractive scuba diving in the world. he has become one of his landmarks, but his mysteries have never been cleverly away; he has never been properly mapped. So he was supposed to go back and apply to the Cousteau family again. Branson., Cousin Fabien (Fabien Cousteau) joined) ) Scientists from the Learning Center shook hands with Aquatica Foundation, explorers and filmmakers. The crew’s target is a human under the hole Aquatica Stingray 500. this happened, it was the download! A submarine equipped with additional light, a dark hole he went down deep, and this landing was on the Reconnaissance channel on December 2. it was published in. The research results are now eagerly awaited. additional support for the Discovery ship, a luxury yacht and crew stay he’s in place. Two weeks after diving on December 2 more continued. The aim is to see the impacts of climate change over the last 100,000 years and the water level change as well as the high-resolution Blue Hole scan and real-life model.

Today, the Blue Hole is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Conservation System, UNESCO World Heritage under conservation, as well as the Belize national monument. Charles Darwin, who visited the region in 1836, visited Belize Coral Reef all the way He described it as the most striking example of the Caribbean.

The large blue hole, visible even from space, is surrounded by the shallow waters of the lighthouse coral atoll. From above, the light color around the sapphire blue waters of the hole gives him this attack. IS THERE LIFE IN YOU? The underwater cave system is home to many marine creatures, colorful tropical fish, among them sharks.

If you’re just an experienced dive, the length of the hole is 12 meters. there are pendulum and stalactites that can be found and the road between them is easy. you have to make sure you can. 24 entries are not allowed for those who have not completed the dive. Day trips are arranged for divers. In the tours, a big dive into the blue hole, while the other two dive in the surrounding reef.


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