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The Maldives are located in the south of India and about 750 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka. On 305 Islands, 200 of which are inhabited by Maldives, 105 islands are used in the form of “hotel ada”.Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is a state of 1,196 islands in the Indian Ocean. This figure is around 2000 when the sand islands are considered. Consists of 20 Atol. These atolls spread to an area of 90.000 km2.

Almost all the islands are covered with lush tropical vegetation. The underwater life is beautiful. It is a great pleasure to see the fish, corals and all the underwater creatures you have seen in a documentary or in a magazine before, clearly alive here. In other atolls, such as Baa Atoll, which is protected by UNESCO, it is possible to see underwater life. There are many species of fish in the sea. The Maldives are so sensitive to this beautiful natural wealth that they expect their guests to pay the same attention. When you want to dive or snorkeling, you are warned by dive instructors so that you do not remove anything from the sea and do not touch the sea creatures. We’re sure you don’t want the destruction of this magical world.


Maldives is a Muslim country ruled by democracy. The people of Maldives with a population of 290,000 are attracted by different lifestyles. The island, which has been settled on different islands, creates an interesting atmosphere with its entertainment, dining and handcrafts. Maldives, tired of the crowd of city life and the wonders of the world, these islands also attract guests who seek tranquility, beauty and peace every year. The Maldives have the smallest capital in the world. The island of male with a population of 75,000 is known as ‘ Maleey.’ The high buildings of male island have a completely different view of the bustling city life. You can spend half a day visiting the island of male, shopping, historical buildings and fishing markets.

The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, and the writing language called ‘Thaana ‘is used from right to left. As for the way of life, in ancient times, men used to deal with things like fishing, sailing, while women used to take care of children at home, do their daily work and produce various handicrafts for sale. Now, as a result of modern life, they are moving away from the old village life and towards more modern professions in the business sector or tourism sector in male. The Maldives are warm, friendly people. “Bodu Beru”, the folk music of the Maldives, is a warm and lively music, just like the locals. In many facilities, ‘Bodu Beru’ shows are held in the evenings. They also have many local dance and music activities.

Fish has an important place in the food culture of the Maldives. Especially tuna fish are used. As a result of the influence of the Asian countries in the region, spices are an important part of the food, but you can also taste the cuisines of other countries in all the facilities. Maldives use Maldives, but all credit cards and dollars are easily used in all hotels and goods. Air temperature varies between 26 and 32 degrees at every semester of the year. For this reason, we recommend that you take some fine summer clothes with you when you travel. The Maldives are a 100% Muslim country, so they are asked not to go in short and open clothes or bikinis on the way to the island of Male or to any local island due to respect for the beliefs of the local people. You can use the Wi-Fi connection in the facilities to communicate with your relatives during your stay in the Maldives, or you can obtain a Sim card from the airport or from the hotel if you wish.

Maldives do not require a visa. Only your passport is sufficient, but the validity of your passport must be at least 6 months from the start of your journey.

For the Maldives tour, transportation is provided by plane either directly or by transfer. With Turkish Airlines ‘ direct flights to Maldives, you can reach this paradise in 8 hours. Qatar and Emirates Airways organise flights every day with little waiting and transfer to Doha and Dubai. With its unique coral reefs, the Maldives are considered to be the most beautiful holiday destination in the world, where almost 99% of them are covered with water. Aquarium beauty Sea, white soft sand surrounded by hundreds of Maldives islands and a very rich underwater life gives unforgettable moments to its guests. From all over the world, they host families who come for a honeymoon or anniversary celebration, couples who think of a romantic holiday and want to stay alone, conservative holiday planner, families who want to take a vacation with or without children.

Republic of Maldives , Asia continent 4.1667° N, 73.5000° E. it is found in latitudes and longitudes.

The neighboring countries bordering the Maldives are::

Sri Lanka
British Indian Ocean Territory


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