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Maldives, the number one beauty of the world, is the lowest country in the world with its islands that do not exceed 2.5 meters in height. The blue sea, turquoise colored Islands, snow white beaches and of course palm trees are the Quiet Place of the honeymoon days. The region, which is a unique geography borrowed from heaven, has 1192 islands in the 26 coral archipelago, which stretches 850 km.

Located in the south of India and southwest of Sri Lanka, the island of Maldives, a wonderful route for those who want to experience the generous beauty of the Indian Ocean, has lived in 200, while only 99 have various accommodation possibilities.

The second largest city is the city of Addu, and the capital of the country, male, is the most populous and widest settlement. On the islands other than Dhagathi and Himmafushi fishing islands, life is created for tourists coming to hotels for tourism purposes. Surrounded by natural lagoons, each of these small islands has only one hotel. These lagoons protect the islands from harsh winds and waves, but also with turquoise waters, it is a paradise. The Maldives, also known as the water country, are a wonderful place to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views, palm trees and the crystal clear sea.

Maldives Excursion Trip

Corals have been protected in the country where corals are used for all kinds of construction materials instead of cement in the period of coral abundance, which has been about to extinct for the last 10 years. The coral reefs, which are not removed from their natural environment and which are home to fish only today, are lined up like a ring with the islands of corals that have 26 of them.

In the country where fishing and tourism are two main sources of livelihoods, the settlement dates back thousands of years ago. The people of the island, who were previously Buddhist, then accepted Islam. The Maldives, who struggled with the attacks and short-term domination of Portugal and the Dutch, gained independence in 1965, after 75 years under British auspices. The country’s economy, which has been ruled by the Republic since 1968, has been completely based on fishing and other seafood for centuries.

Maldives Places To Visit
With its clear sea, white beaches and romantic hotels, the hotels in Maldives are located on the island called ‘atoll’. Do not think that there are no places to visit in the country while the country is filling the sea, sand and the sun in these islets, which constitute only 4% of the country’s face measurement.

1. Dhagathi & Himmafushi

In this beautiful country where sea and seafood are not available, if you want to see local life, you can visit only the places that the government allows to enter with a guide. Because the country wants to protect traditional life from the influx of tourists. However, a trip to the fishing villages of Dhagathi and Himmafushi by boat addresses the right to feel the atmosphere of everyday life. In addition to the people who are very sincere and hospitable, it is a much more amazing experience to encounter houses built in coral reefs in these villages!

2. Banana Reef & Sun Island Beach

Banana reef, one of the most popular Maldives stops, is a natural conservation area with a wide variety of marine species. Banana reef, a fascinating area of immense beauty, is also unique for long walks. Sun Island Beach, the most popular beach in Maldives, is a dreamy region with the pale blue and white sands of the Indian Ocean.

3. Hukuru Miskiiy

The Mosque of Maldives, which was built by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskender in 1656, is the oldest mosque on the island. The mosque was built with wooden and sea shells and has a very different architecture and the minaret was added later.

4. National Museum

The National Museum, which is a small and charming structure, contains important works of the country’s pre-Islamic and post-Islamic history. The museum, which is visited every day between 09.00-15.00 on weekends besides Friday, also exhibits many historical works.

5. Mulee Aage Palace

Mulee aage Palace, located in Male, today serves as the Maldives Presidential Palace. or. The Mulee Aage palace, built in 1906 by the Sultan of the period, Mohammed Shamsuddeen, is a very splendid building. The building, which has preserved its splendour since it was built, has an interesting architecture.

6. Esjehi Art Gallery

The Esjehi Art Gallery, one of the oldest buildings in male, is home to the works of contemporary and traditional Maldives. It is the right address to get to know the Maldives Culture and art.

7. Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island is a Maldives island, home to bungalows with white sands of corals on the beach, renowned for its silence and calm. One of the best diving areas in the country, the island has a private diving centre and reef.

9. Independence Square and the Republican People’s Republic

The Republic Square, located in the heart of Maldives ‘ largest square of the Independence Square (Jumhooree Maidhaan), stands out as the most important squares of the country. It is possible to see the police every hour of the day in Cumhuriyet Square, where there are political demonstrations and police headquarters.

10. Kaafu Atoll

Kaafu Atoll, in the light of the crystal clear sea, slows down the pace of life a little and gives the feeling of walking with pleasure to the places where we go running step by step. You can sunbathe on white beaches where you will experience the tranquility of the ocean, and join the diving tours with special glass-based diving boats.


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