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Ukraine is one of the most remarkable locations in recent years with its wealth of places to visit. Capital Kiev, Lviv with European weather, Odessa by the sea and Kharkiv and Lutsk Ukraine are the most important cities of the list of places to visit…

This unique country of Eastern Europe deserves to stay in memory with its beautiful nature, cultural and historical heritage. By browsing our list of places to visit Ukraine, you can double your horizons about this unique country and create this year’s travel plan!

Artistic wealth, cultural diversity and intellectual property are all the cities of Ukraine, as if all the cities you are stepping up are loading up information and saying goodbye.

There are also mysteries of this country’s rare species of plants and animals can be found in the Dnyester Canyon, 14 million years of the formation of a legend such as the spread of the cave of Optymistychna, and Lviv in a village of Uritskie Rock, only a few of them. Best of all, you can pack your Hyena and jump to the cities on your list of places to visit Ukraine!

List of places to visit in Ukraine

Kiev, Odessa and Lviv are the three most well-known cities, but Ukraine is a country of history that embraces many more beautiful cities. II. Although it has suffered severe damage during World War II, Ukraine, which has recovered in a short time, carries you back to dusty shelves of history with its traces of war, while sustaining its culture that it has not lost with its intact texture.

List of Ukraine destinations:



Kiev is a city where tree cutting is forbidden; with its lush nature, parks and interesting architecture, Ukraine is among the places to visit.

Besides the locals and tourists, the historic St. Sophia, which stands out with frescoes and mosaics in its interior architecture from Freedom Square, which is the meeting point of all events and festivals, is home to many sights, from Golden Gate to Kiev museum, which is built as the gateway to the city.

However, undoubtedly, the most important building in Kiev was the second. World War II Museum, as its name implies, shows all the memories and objects of war, this museum makes a journey in history. From personal belongings of soldiers to war tanks, medals to historical documents, you can examine all the works and collections of the period.

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Perhaps Lviv is the best consolation prize Ukraine has ever won after World War II. From the past to the Galician, from the Austrian People to the Polish people, it has been a land for many sovereignty.

Although Lviv remained under the sovereignty of other civilizations over time, today it stands out as a Ukrainian city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The city is known as a cultural capital, and the museum, Brewery Museum and the opera house, designed by architect Zygmunt Gorogolevski, are evidence of this.

Potocki Palace is located in the 13th District of the Old Town. century architecture the Dormition Cathedral, Lychakiv cemetery, which is home to the most valuable artists and thinkers of the country, and Lviv Armenian cathedral are also among the city’s sights.

Hotel recommendations: some of the most popular hotels in Lviv are: 3★ Modern Art Hotel, 4★ Astoria Hotel, 5★ Nobilis Hotel.


Due to its geographical location, Odessa is considered as a port city which has a cultural diversity and welcomes different cultures.

This city, which bears the name of Hacı Bey when he was under Ottoman rule, is still hosting the Turks today, even though Odessa took the name of Russian sovereignty.

It is located in the city center, the State Opera building, the Pushkin Museum, the Potemin stairs, and the Duke de Richelieu monument, which are waiting for visitors at the end of these stairs, are among the details that make Ukraine attractive to the book.

In addition to all this, it was made before the war, but it was made before the war. The underground cities of Katakomb, used as an arsenal and hiding place during World War II, make Odessa an attractive tourist destination with its deep sea level and its deep historical embrace.


Kharkiv is a full-fledged student city and has been devastated by the Second World War, which is known for its development from the point of view of science institutes, museums, universities, libraries and theatre buildings. Despite World War II, the fact that it was able to recover quickly is among the details that make this city special.

This freedom square, the 8th biggest in Europe and the 15th in the world, is the address to be met for the important days, festivals, concerts and celebrations of the city.

In Kharkiv, where there are six museums, The Art Museum, the Kharkiv History Museum and the cosmos Museum, the most important museums to visit, the Annunciation Cathedral, one of the Byzantine architectural examples, the Uspensky Cathedral, the Pokrovsky monastery and the Shevchenko Park, which include the Kharkiv Zoo, are some of the structures that will impress you.


The city of Lutsk, situated on the STYR River as the centre of Volin Oblast, reflects Ukraine’s traditional structure as well as the modern texture of Europe.

Remaining in the background of popular cities leading the list of places to visit Ukraine, Lutsk expects to be discovered by travelers with its unique ambience, historical texture and untouched aspects.

The castle of Lubart, one of the city’s most important destinations, embraces a painful history since 1941, behind its magnificent view, and is also home to a book museum where you can visit it while you go to the castle.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is a medieval temple built in the Baroque style of the city. St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral and the Lutheran Church, which draws attention with neo-Gothic architectural style, also nourish people with its religious structures.

In addition, the sculpture house, which resembles the work of crochet with its interior and exterior architecture, the Lutsk Art Museum, Volin Ethnography Museum, which is one of the most established museums in the region, and the Bell Museum, which preserves a visual feast about the evolution of the Chime, are also hosting visitors as cultural stops of the city.

I tried to share information and photos about the most important cities you can visit in the country during the summer of Ukraine. I hope you have fun in Ukraine where you can go without a visa.

source: gezipgordum.com


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