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Salzburg is one of Europe’s most characteristic cities with its architecture and atmosphere. It is a lush city situated on the slopes of the Alps, on the banks of the Salzach River. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of you before, but you can see them with your eyes. In the streets of Altstadt Salzburg, the UNESCO World Heritage List, which witnessed history with its structures reflecting baroque architectural features, quickly conquered my heart. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Salzburg, Austria’s fourth largest city, is 320 kilometers west of the capital Vienna. He was named after the rich salt sediments of the first inhabitants who lived here. The population of Salzburg at the northern end of the Alps is 150,000. Vienna, after the cities of Graz and Linz, Austria’s fourth place. this is the big city.

The medieval buildings, baroque architectural and small squares, the magnificent walls of the Hohensalzburg fortress and the historic city center of Altstadt, Salzburg, and the city of Central Europe, which has been preserved quite well so far. The city, the birthplace of Mozart, is crowned with thousands of classical music enthusiasts with the Salzburg Festival held every year.

The city of Munich in Germany is 150 km. away. While planning a trip to Salzburg, you may want to include Munich in the list. I’m Salzburg, Fushl Am See, St. Gilgen, Wolfgangsee and Hallstatt took the course for three days.

Then I went to Innsbruck, Austria’s other beautiful city with Achensee; Liechtenstein’s capital, Vaduz, and Friedrichshafen, the small city on the edge of Bodensee Lake, Germany. I visited the cities of Meersburg, Lindau, Konstanz and the islands of Mainau and Reichenau in that area. A very nice route.

Salzburg Attractions
Mozart is located in the western part of the city in the historical district of Salzburg (Altstadt), while the so-called New Salzburg is located in the eastern part of the city.

On one side of the Salzburg River is Mirabell Gardens, Makartplatz Square and Mozart’s residence, on the other side is Mozart’s birthplace and Getreidegasse Avenue. You can easily see almost all of the places on the list in 1 day if you can start early. The Salzburg Travel Guide provides more detailed City Information.

  1. Getreidegasse Street

Getreidegasse Street is Salzburg’s heart and the most beautiful street. A few kilometres from the Old Town of Salzburg, on Mozartplatz Square, there are many beautiful and colourful shops, souvenir shops, markets, restaurants and cafés on Getreidegasse Avenue. Almost every hour of the day this street is crowded.

The hotel Goldener Hirsch is located right in the middle of the street, where I started my trip to Salzburg every day. What makes the street unique is that the whole store and shop signs are wrought. It’s so interesting to see McDonald’s wrought iron sign. Getreidegasse, night life in color, there are very cute places in the alley, dive.

2. Mozart’s Geburtshaus 

Mozart’s Geburtshaus (Mozart’s residence) is the name of the house where Mozart was born and lived until 1773, located on Getreidegasse Street No 9. Born in medieval Salzburg as the son of Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria Pertl, the palace composer and Deputy conductor of the orchestra, Mozart is a composer who was understood after his death as well as many other artists in addition to his genius.

Nowadays Mozart’s name is kept everywhere, from his festival, his building, his chocolate, to the airport and University in Salzburg. The museum exhibits many items, from Mozart’s cradle to pepperoni and pianos to clothes. Entrance 10€.

3. Mozartplatz 

Mozartplatz, as its name implies, is a beautiful square with the statue of Mozart. Mozart has a magnificent statue in the Square, where there are beautiful cafes, chirping people and mobile libraries. If you are a young man who is playing live music on the street, it adds joy. It was built in 1844 and opened in a ceremony in the presence of Mozart’s son.

Salzburg Museum is located in Mozartplatz. On the upper floor, the historical development of the city was revealed. This is where the archaeological works are exhibited. Travel both by purchasing a combined ticket, including the Panorama Museum.

4. Salzburg Gallery

The residence gallery Salzburg (Residenzgalerie), a structure that smells of art, welcomes its visitors with its fifteen rooms adorned with various objects. 16. and 19. the palace, a state museum where European art collections are collected, reflects Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The public rooms of the gallery, which can be visited with different language options, are worth a visit.

5. Salzburg Cathedral

The Salzburg Cathedral (Dom zu Salzburg) is a magnificent religious building where Mozart’s baptism is performed. The cathedral, one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture, was first built in 774, renovated in 1614 due to various fires and still standing. With its exterior reliefs, sculptures and interiors, it is one of the most important symbols of the city of Salzburg Cathedral. Entry is free.

6.St. Church Of Peter

St. Sophia is the oldest church in the city. The Church of Peter (Stiftskirche Sankt Peter Salzzburg) is one of the finest examples of Benedict’s churches. As soon as you get to the monastery, you’re not going to be able to get your eye out of the frescoes on the ceiling. The church, where Romanesque details are seen in Rococo-style columns, colored windows and wall decorations, is among the important historical textures of Salzburg.. St. Church Of Peter

7. Residenzplatz ve Kapitelplatz

Residenzplatz Square is on the right hand side of Mozart’splatz. Salzburg Cathedral (Dom), a baroque-style government residence, Domquarier Salzburg is located in this square. A Salzburg Tour to the Phaeton departing from domquartier can be enjoyable.

If you like candy, stop by the manner shop in the Square. Stop by Kapitelplatz, where the man figure is on a Golden Globe in the middle of it. The Panorama Museum, which is located in the Square and offers panoramic views of Salzburg, is quite imaginative.

8. Man of Mozartkugel

Man of Mozart, located at the capitalplatz, is the statue of the man on the Mozart chocolate. In 2007, the sculpture made by Stephan Balkenhol for the sixth art project represents Mozart and Mozart chocolate, the symbol of Salzburg. Next to the statue you can play a huge chess and you can shop in the Square is a countertop.

9. St Peter’s Monastery

Be sure to visit St Peter’s Monastery (the old monastery of Saint Peter) or Stiftskirche sank Peter Salzburg, the German name. It is the oldest monastery in the German-speaking region and dates back to 969.

The Church of the Roman architecture-style monastery dedicated to Saint Peter-is on the list of places to visit in Salzburg. The oldest cemetery in Salzburg, located right at the entrance, is also seen in the Petersfriedhof. Mozart’s family’s graves are also in this cemetery. See here before you leave the Magnificent Castle of Hohensalzburg.

10. Hohensalzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg Fortress (Fortress Hohensalzburg) is one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen. The 900-year-old castle, one of Salzburg’s most important and popular attractions, survived without being captured despite the wars it had fought. This magnificent castle of Salzburg lays the view of the city from the Festunberg summit.

Spectacular views of the snowy Alps on one side, green valleys on the other, and the Slazburg and Salzach River right in front of you.Take pictures of the enormous Alpine mountains in the courtyard. Kaleya Kapitelplatz’dan Kaleya 19. go out with a century of funnel. Visit the museums in the castle. Entry 12€. I suggest you take at least two hours.

11. Mirabell Palace and Garden

Mirabell Palace, 1606 as one of Europe’s most beautiful baroque Gardens in the middle of The Mirabell garden is the supply endemic. In the Garden of the palace that is not open to visitors, concerts are held in the section called Marble Hall.

In the Garden of Mirabell, a palace built by the Prince of Salzburg for his guests, the Papagena Fountain, Reubens and Bernini’s paintings are the 17th. Roman statues dating back to the century and the masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. Mirabell Dwarf garden, where dwarf statues are displayed, is also worth a visit.

12. Mozart Wohnhaus

Mozart Wohnhaus is the place where Mozart lived after Getreidegasse Avenue No. 9, where Mozart was born, which made him feel that Salzburg lived in almost every square centimeter. It is located at Makartplatz, where you can walk through Mirabell garden and walk out the gate at the end. In 1773, Mozart began to reside in Makart square No:8, and continues to live in Salzburg with 626 concerts, which he started at the age of six, which he earned in his 35-year-old life.

Mozart was organized as a museum in Wohnhaus where art events related to his famous composer were organized, where his musical instruments, his belongings and many other objects related to him were exhibited. Go on a journey to Salzburg in the 1700s, where you can visit the museum with Mozart compositions and guide commentary. Entrance 10€.

13. Salzburg Toy Museum

The biggest toy museum in Austria. Opening year 1978. Two days a week, she’s on stage at the eccentric Puppet Theatre. The museum includes a racetrack for children, a three-dimensional cinema and an amusement park. I mean, it’s an amusement center.

14. Hangar-7

The Hangar-7 was the first place I stopped by when I passed from Salzburg airport to the city centre. Red Bull’s Hangar-7 museum II. It is famous for its rare exhibits such as World War I planes, private and showcasing planes, helicopters, motorcycles and Formula One vehicles. The Hangar-7, which I suggest to take to your list of places to visit in Salzburg, is also exhibited in the capsules and costumes that Felix Baumgartner used on the jump.

15. Hellbrunn Palace

A palace complex 5 km from Salzburg centre. It was built between 1612-1615 as the summer palace. The miniature ponds, fountains and charming fine gardens in the Palace are impressive. You can go on a water Game joke while you go on a trip.

You suddenly see a spectacular water demonstration while you’re in the garden complex. The Palace’s garden features an open-air scene made of stone, where the first open-air opera game in Europe is displayed.

16. Salt Mine Salzbergwerk Hallein

The word Salzburg literally means Salt City. Salt, which adds value to the city, has been crowned by the city for centuries. All you have to do is come to Salzburg and see the salt mine at the beginning of your activities. As you descend to the depths of kilometers and witness the life of the mine, you will learn the history of the city as well.

Salzburg Mozart airport is located about 5 km away from the city, 20 minutes away from the centre. You can fly from the airport to other European cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Birmingham, London, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Vienna and Frankfurt to many other major German cities. Turkish Airlines direct flights to Salzburg. I had the opportunity to visit here on a one-week trip in the form of a return from Salzburg to Friedrichshafen. I love the city of Mozart, and I’m sure you will.


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